About that ‘Obesity causes global warming’ article

September 7, 2008

This one.

Well, if you took the time to actually read it, which I didn’t actually expect, you’d come across some typical unscientific nonsense. It’s one of those deals where a fact is staring the author right in the face and instead of respecting this aforementioned fact his reply is probably something like this. “Screw these ‘facts’, it doesn’t fit the basis of my article. And you out there, on your blog, are an ugly person and you smell like poop.”

Besides this flagrant use of an ad hominem attack, (he would most definitely use precisely those words if I questioned him on this, I’m sure of it) it’s ridiculous how much nonsense can get through in the mainstream media.

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August RSS Temperatures are in

September 4, 2008

What’s crazy about following global warming science is the way you anticipate monthly temperatures. With the Earth in a cooling trend its doubly exciting, becuase each month that doesn’t heat up is more evidence against catastrophic climate change. I’m like a little kid at the beginning of each month, checking the vast corridors of the worldwide interweb (aka Watts Up With That) to see what our planet’s temp is.

Courtesy of Watts Up With That, RSS has their numbers out.

Click here for bigger pic

“The August 2008 number is  0.221°C lower than in August of 2007 which was  0.367°C”
 – Watts Up With That

So we’re still in a non-warming trend. Have been for almost 7 years. Cool, eh? (pun entirely intended)

Global Warming: Al Gore Did It.

September 3, 2008

Let’s forget for a second that old Al’ pal has a carbon footprint 657,493,148,552 times bigger than the average person. (that stat is mathematically correct) Gore is responsible in another, maybe even more noticeable way. Trust me, you can’t miss it. It’s himself.

It’s true. Fat people cause global warming.

So, to all the people out there like this guy. I kindly ask, nay, the fever stricken Earth kindly asks that you stop being fat. It is a matter of urgent importance.

Hat tip: Watts Up With That. I even used the same picture, but it was just too perfect to pass up.

Foreign oil? Not important.

September 2, 2008

At least that’s the view held by Jim Burkee, a current Republican running for Congress this fall in the state of Wisconsin.

Put under my car’s windshield wipers recently was a pamphlet ad for this particular politician, and I figured I might as well read it. It bullet points 5 main issues that he wants people to know. I was quite surprised when my eyes read the 4th point:

– Gas prices are too high, and America needs to stop buying foreign oil immediately.


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Testing…1 2 3

September 2, 2008

First blog post ever. Eventually I will get to writing about something someone might actually want to read (doubtful, I know) but this is all I got at the minute.