The point of this blog is not to be a constant newsfeed on climate. That is already well covered by others, and adding mine would really add nothing. Instead it is commentary on things that interest me in the climate debate, environmentalism, and a little bit of politics thrown in about those subjects.

It is also my belief that this topic could lighten up a little. That’s why I’ll be joking around when appropriate. Sarcasm is a must, so don’t get too pissed off if you take something I meant to be toungue in cheek seriously. I have officially warned you.


One Response to About

  1. I read the article “.00009 Degrees Cooler; Humans Rights Gone” on Greenie Watch and I would like your permission to publish this on my site, Paradigms and Demographics. You have the address, so I look forward to hearning from you. If you choose not to allow me to do so, there are no hard feelings. Either way, keep up the good work.

    Best wishes,

    Rich Kozlovcih

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