Vandalism is Awesome

That might sound crazy the first time you read it, but I assure you, it’s true. James Hansen (it’s the 3rd article on the page, Nature has it as ‘premium’ content) says it is, so it has to be. After all, it’s not like he’s ever been mishonest before, right?

In case you haven’t heard, 6 members of Greenpeace did 30,000 pounds of damage to a new coal power plant last October in Kingsnorth, UK. They were just cleared of all charges. You can see the ecstatic reaction of Greenpeace here.

I know that I’m not the only one who’s intital reaction was, “WTF?”

Come on. What has this boiling Earth come to? We’re excusing criminals who’ve done extensive damage to a power plant, becuase “they were acting to protect property around the world ‘in immediate need of protection’ from the impacts of climate change, caused in part by burning coal.”

That’s ridiculous. And you don’t have to be a genius to realize that. My great Aunt Margy who’s 97, bedridden for 26 years, and illiterate called me yesterday just to say “This is ridiculous!” and we haven’t talked since she divorced my great Uncle Murray in ’94.

So this has me wondering about other crimes. Can I vandalize the office of the WNBA, justifying my act by saying they continue to produce boring basketball games that threatens to dangerously impact the climate of sports? Is trashing the Disney Channel offices A-Ok, because doing so may help the fight against unbelievably terrible TV shows that the youth of our nation is constantly exposed too? Where does the madness stop?

Of course, the comments section of that Greenpeace article has very positive reviews.

“Great stuff 🙂 Really heartening decision!”
“what brilliant news, well done to all those involved”
“What fantastic, historic news. Well done the six, the legal team and Greenpeace.”

One guy was talking some sense, though.

“So, does this give me the right to grafitti all over the Greenpeace ship which also adds “climate damaging” gases to the atmosphere? Protest, campaign, but don’t cause criminal damage.”

The fine commenter “nozza” posted the above response. Common sense check well done. We could all take a second to learn from nozza.

Unfortunately though, the reality of the court’s decision is something to worry about. We have a legal office accepting criminality becuase they were “doing it for Mother Earth.” This could very well lead to future defacements of coal plants, becuase what’s stopping them? There buddies just got away from it with no consequences.


One Response to Vandalism is Awesome

  1. Gore blimey Guv, the sky is falling says:

    This is an absolutely disgraceful decision and should be appealed, if possible, immediately. It’s now been declared open season for any activist group to commit criminal damage and chance their arm with a jury trial. Could this be the slow start of the abolition of property rights? I doubt it, but it is worrying that some believe that it is okay to cause damage as long as it is for a “cause” and that some within the general public are okay with it.

    On another note why hasn’t Hansen been censured by NASA for his appearence at US tax payers expense? Did he swim to get here or did he fly in one of those dirty metal birds?

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