A Troubling Thought

Global warming alarmists exist today for one reason: to save the Earth. They go about doing this by calling for strict CO2 cuts, which in turn worsen the quality of life for everyone on the planet, but hey, they’re saving it, so who are we to complain about less money, comfort, and well being?

But have you ever paused to question whether these people really want the planet to stop heating up?

Before you answer mull this over. The planet has stopped warming. We’ve been in a distinct cooling trend since 2002, despite ever rising CO2 levels. This does not mean that the Earth still won’t warm due to the accumulation of this greenhouse gas in the future (it has in the past, albeit modestly), but currently, for almost 7 years, it is not. This is a widely known fact. So the real question is this: why the hell aren’t those who predict doomsday rejoicing?

Should they not be ecstatic and overjoyed that the planet isn’t heating up? After all, they are the people that believe that all hell will break loose if the planet warms. So here the planet isn’t warming, and we haven’t even had to endure economic hardship! A double win, right? Unfortunately, no.

The obvious argument one could make is that this cooling is temporary, and by not acting now, we’re jeopardizing our future. This point does hold a bit of merit, but not much. There is no evidence of catastrophic climate change, and the last 7 years dampers those fears even more. However, the very least that should be expected is a consideration of this important cooling, and we have seen nothing of the sort.

That is becuase what the alarmists really want to do is change our way of life and gain political power. I am by no means the first to say this; hundreds have realized it before. With no climate crisis they have no means of getting their power and money. With no climate crisis, there is no avenue to critisize the American (read: prosperous) way of life. Nevermind that the same people who demonize our country for its wastefulness and overconsumption don’t dare give up the benefits they get everyday from fossil fuels.

In any other issue, if a problem was being averted with no action taken, ecspecially if that action had some very negative consequences, it would be reason for celebration. Only political issues react otherwise, becuase there is an agenda to push.

If you asked an alarmist the question, “If you could stop the Earth from warming and avoid taking the proposed policy changes, would you do it?” My geuss is that most would say, “Of course I would.” (there are some who openly admit there distaste for Western lifestyle) However, the question posited above is occuring right now, and I have yet to see one alarmist or environmental group consider or even acknowledge it. Instead, they choose ignorance.

These alarmists and radical environmentalists would prefer that there be a problem, because then they can fulfill their goal to help pull you out of it. In other words, they are willing to sacrifice the welfare of some 6 billion people, because doing so benefits them and supports their worldview.

That is the most troubling thing of all.


5 Responses to A Troubling Thought

  1. Gore blimey Guv, the sky is falling says:

    Jumped over from GreenieWatch. Just wanted to say welcome to the fight.

  2. barbara says:

    I jumped from greeniewatch too. Welcom aboard. Looking forward to your future posts

  3. Chris F says:

    Greeniewatch three. Nice to find another good site, can’t get enough of this.

  4. climatetim says:

    Hey thanks for reading. I appreciate it.

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