August RSS Temperatures are in

What’s crazy about following global warming science is the way you anticipate monthly temperatures. With the Earth in a cooling trend its doubly exciting, becuase each month that doesn’t heat up is more evidence against catastrophic climate change. I’m like a little kid at the beginning of each month, checking the vast corridors of the worldwide interweb (aka Watts Up With That) to see what our planet’s temp is.

Courtesy of Watts Up With That, RSS has their numbers out.

Click here for bigger pic

“The August 2008 number is  0.221°C lower than in August of 2007 which was  0.367°C”
 – Watts Up With That

So we’re still in a non-warming trend. Have been for almost 7 years. Cool, eh? (pun entirely intended)


One Response to August RSS Temperatures are in

  1. Klockarman says:

    I’m “doubly excited” too, and I’m having a helluva fun time at Gore’s expense.
    Check out this post on my blog…
    I update it each month.
    I’m adding you to my blog roll. Keep up the good work.

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