Foreign oil? Not important.

At least that’s the view held by Jim Burkee, a current Republican running for Congress this fall in the state of Wisconsin.

Put under my car’s windshield wipers recently was a pamphlet ad for this particular politician, and I figured I might as well read it. It bullet points 5 main issues that he wants people to know. I was quite surprised when my eyes read the 4th point:

– Gas prices are too high, and America needs to stop buying foreign oil immediately.


Does this guy actually think this? Does he really want to run for Congress with this kind of thinking? Is he planning some elaborate prank on voters? Is Ashton behind this, cooking it up for a glorious revival of Punk’d? Should I stop writing rhetorical questions? Yes, I think I should.

Unfortunately for this dude, reality doesn’t work out to well with that plan. We import 70% of our oil from other countries. If we stop buying foreign oil, 2/3 of our supply will vanish and demand will stay the same. This, of course, will result in dramatically higher gas prices and a lower standard of living for everyone. To say otherwise is defying every ounce of common sense that was ever created in the history of the universe. That a hopeful Congressman actually put this statement on an add for himself is pretty incredible.


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