Whew, blogging is tough.

October 2, 2008

As you may have noticed, I haven’t posted in a while. A combination of being a student, more hours working, the Brewers having a crazy last week, my local Arby’s offering the 5 for $5.95 deal, and being in a fight with my neighbor Regina and her husband George over where the divider between our yards actually is.

This has ineviitably resulted in less posting, increased ratio of Arby sauce in my body, and a strip of unmowed grass on the side of my lawn. So ya, life is busy right now.

But I right this to you, my loyal readership of some 11-12 people, that I will actually post some stuff in the upcoming days.

RealClimate vs Me. Part 1

September 17, 2008

The folks at RealClimate, a site that has ‘climate science from climate scientists’ is a great resource for those who buy into catastrophic climate change. It allows them to say, “See, these guys say things are this way, so it has to be true. Ha!”

Don’t get me wrong, those guys are a lot smarter than I am. They also know about a kajillion times more about the climate system than me. So why am I attempting to ‘debunk’ something that they say? Because, my friends, I am something of a Maverick. The original, one could say. I travel on the less beaten path, hoping to forge my own grand way through this melting world.

My main gripe here today is their post entitled “Convenient Untruths.” It’s quite an old post, and it attempts to defend the science in Al Gore’s super terrific movie. As in any case where the ‘science’ in this ‘movie’ is backed up by climate scientists, the results are easily debunked.

So here we go, debunking the debunked. Let’s just hope my debunkment is debunkier than the original debunk. Read the rest of this entry »

Greenpeace Loves Some Jim Hansen

September 15, 2008

Some of you may have read about the Greenpeace coal power plant fiasco in Kingsnorth. Some of you may not know how big of a crush Greenpeace has on Jim Hansen. When looking through their trial updates on the Greenpeace site, I noticed something. They didn’t mention Hansen’s name without referring to him as “the world’s leading climate scientist.”

Here they are, in their full and wonderful entirety.

-World’s leading climate scientist to appear as a witness at the Kingsnorth trial
-Just a quick blog to break the news: the world’s leading climate scientist, Professor James Hansen…
– … four of the expert witnesses (Professor Jim Hansen – Al Gore’s science adviser and the world’s leading climate scientist…
-Kingsnorth trial day three: world’s leading climate scientist gives evidence
-Today, at the Kingsnorth trial, the world’s leading climate scientist told the court…
-First, a quick announcement: following Jim Hansen (the world’s leading climate scientist) yesterday…
-During the trial, the world’s leading climate scientist came to court

I don’t know about you, but I’m just getting this …… feeling that Greenpeace thinks Jim Hansen is the world’s leading climate scientist.

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.00009 Degrees Cooler; Humans Rights Gone

September 13, 2008

Over in New Hamshire, the rights of our fellow humans have a chance to be seriously infringed upon. The NH Climate Change Policy Task Force, created by Gov. John Lynch, is considering seriously scary government policies.

These include “taxing individuals for each pound of trash they produce; imposing higher automotive registration and insurance rates on individuals who drive more; increasing gasoline taxes; reducing the availability of parking; and establishing ‘Residential Behavior Change Programs’ that would employ community networks to intimidate individuals into ‘making sustained, socially beneficial changes at the household level.'”

Ok, so I’m assuming that this disturbing intrusion into American lives has a cause that justifies the actions. Let’s break this down.

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Vandalism is Awesome

September 11, 2008

That might sound crazy the first time you read it, but I assure you, it’s true. James Hansen (it’s the 3rd article on the page, Nature has it as ‘premium’ content) says it is, so it has to be. After all, it’s not like he’s ever been mishonest before, right?

In case you haven’t heard, 6 members of Greenpeace did 30,000 pounds of damage to a new coal power plant last October in Kingsnorth, UK. They were just cleared of all charges. You can see the ecstatic reaction of Greenpeace here.

I know that I’m not the only one who’s intital reaction was, “WTF?”

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How to respond to: How to talk to a climate skeptic

September 9, 2008

Confusing title, I know. But in due time it shall all make sense.

Some of you may know of a website called Gristmill (or Grist). It’s labeled with the caption “Environmental News & Commentary.” Sounds pretty awesome, eh?

They have a series there entitled “How To Talk to a Climate Skeptic,” with replies to common arguements used by those such as muah, most with slanted and/or distorted statements of the  actual skeptical position. I checked it out today and was treated to a new article ‘debunking’ the cooling of the past year.

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A Troubling Thought

September 7, 2008

Global warming alarmists exist today for one reason: to save the Earth. They go about doing this by calling for strict CO2 cuts, which in turn worsen the quality of life for everyone on the planet, but hey, they’re saving it, so who are we to complain about less money, comfort, and well being?

But have you ever paused to question whether these people really want the planet to stop heating up?

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